How to deal with expenses you may incur

We do not expect students to bare any significant costs associated with the course. In general, any significant project costs should be covered by the project client. However, there may be times when teams choose to cover minor costs for project items such as materials or software licenses. To offset these costs, a number of microgrants will be available to teams that comply with financial reporting requirements.


The microgrant operates out of a limited pool. We will do our best to balance the circumstances of your project with the considerations of other teams.

The grant can be used for activities relating to:

  • hardware for prototyping or producing an artefact
  • software and web services required for development
  • consumables directly relating to producing a product

If it is not clear how the expenses add directly value to the project, the team will not be eligible for a TechLauncher microgrant.


To get obtain approval for a microgrant, send an email to your relevant convener outlining:

  1. A short summary of the project need for expenditure (in the email)
  2. An itemised list of proposed or incurred expenses (as an attachment for our records)
  3. A link to full financial records for your project (a link to your repository)
  4. A link to any research into purchase options justifying the decision (a link to your repository)

In addition, please CC your tutor into the email for endorsement.

Please note that TechLauncher provides no guarantee to ensure you partial or full reimbursement if pre-approval is not completed.


After approval of a microgrant, funds can be accessed the following ways:

For situations where the team has purchased items using their own funds
  1. To be reimbursed, one team member will need to complete the Expense Reimbursement Form, together with copies of all authentic receipts of purchase in one PDF.
  2. Once confirmed, your reimbursement will be forwarded to the relevant School Admin to process the reimbursement.

A reimbursement takes 7-10 business days to complete. Please submit one application by each team with one of your team member’s Uni ID. The School Admin will require student’s current bank details held at ISIS.

For situations where the team is unable to cover the costs of the purchase, the school can organise purchase
  1. To initiate the purchase, please contact the relevant convener to obtain instructions.
  2. One team member will need to provide a purchase order or online order that can be fulfilled by School administration.


If, for any reason, you are in a situation where your project and learning will be at risk because of funding limitations, please talk to your relevant convener. We are also happy to talk to clients directly about funding issues.

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