Intellectual Property

A client may request assignment of project IP (Intellectual Property), and an undertaking not to disclose confidential information

Client of a Team of Students

An agreement is required. The agreement we would prefer to proceed with depends on your circumstances. Please reach out to Jean-Armand and Christy ( for instructions.

Team Members

You may be required to acknowledge an IP posture, or make an IP/NDA undertaking to proceed with your client. Please reach out to Myo ( to progress/check those details.

Examiners, Tutors and Observers

The Many Eyes Process used in TechLauncher requires examiners, tutors and students from other teams (shadows) to evaluate the work produced by a team. All Project IP must be exposed at Audits.

Public Presentations

It is a requirement of the course that students present their work to the public. This may present challenges for students subject to IP agreements. However, it is usually possible to present work in such a way as to not violate any such agreements.

In all cases, whether subject to IP agreements or not, students should seek approval from their client and other relevant stakeholders before any public presentation of their work.

Video Presentation

It is a requirement of the course that students display a video presentation describing their work at the TechLauncher Public Showcase. The video presentations will also be displayed on the TechLauncher public website, or affiliated site. If there is any reason why this cannot happen, please contact your Course Convenor.

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