Evaluation Guide

In TechLauncher you practice authentic project evaluation processes

The following table summarises the evaluation activities in TechLauncher. The outcomes of these activities are recorded by you, and assessed by your examiners. The below table indicates the degree to which your final grade is determined by each activity.

Task Submission Portion of Final Grade
Project Audit x 3 read more » Group, via Repository link on EdStem (or privately shared) 10%, 20%, 30%
Tag Report Sets x 3 sets read more » Individual, via TechLauncher Portal 2.5%, 2.5%, 5%
Project Video for Showcase read more » Group, via Wattle 10%
Work Portfolio Package read more » Individual, via TurnItIn on Wattle 20% (ALL students, please read below note)

The 20% WPP assessment item is undertaken in assessable parts according to the “Learning to Reflect” series facilitated by Tom Worthington. This series begins in Week 4, and activities are centred on scheduled events: “WPP Workshop N”, scheduled here. The “Learning to Reflect” series is described and administered on Wattle.

Academic Standards

Submission Timelines

Evaluation activities are supported at tutorials, before, during and after Project Audit Weeks. The below table lists these activities along with the dates of those and associated events.

Project Audits (PA)

Activity Day/Time PA1 PA2 PA3
Project Audit Opens Monday 0900 Wk 3 Wk 6 Wk 10
Tag Reports Due
Team Member Contribution Due
Project Audit Closes
Friday 2400 Wk 3 Wk 6 Wk 10
Feedback Released Tuesday 1000 Wk 4 B1 Wk 11
Feedback Actions (QC) Due Friday 2400 Wk 4 B1 Wk 11
Marks Released By COB Friday Wk 5 Wk 7 Wk 12

Other Activities

Not all activities are associated with the reflection and constructive critique of many-eyes processes. The below table lists such activities, along with associated events.

The Work Portfolio Package Due assessment item is undertaken in assessable parts according to the “Learning to Reflect” series facilitated by Tom Worthington. Your final submission is due and assessed as per the below deadlines. All other deadlines are on the “Learning to Reflect” series Wattle page.

Activity Day/Time
Project Video Due Friday 2400, Wk 9
TechLauncher Showcase Tuesday, Wk 12
Project Video Feedback and Marks Released By Friday, Wk 11
Work Portfolio Package Due Friday 2400 Wk ‘12’
Work Portfolio Marks Released As examinations


Feedback and guidance will be given during weekly tutorials. You are responsible for provision of feedback, and for actively eliciting feeback from your peers. The written feedback that is collected during evaluation activities is published to your personal ‘TechLauncher Portal’ page, which is accessible via the Wattle Gradebook. Marks are also accessible via the Wattle Gradebook.

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