Project Video

The Video and Showcase allows you to share your work to the broader community


Your video will be presented at the Showcase event, giving you a platform to develop and showcase your communication skills, and to network with employers looking for graduates.


For industry and the community to celebrate and learn about the excellent work that happens in TechLauncher.


Teams that have just formed this semester will focus on their vision and progress. Teams that have been formed for multiple semesters should focus on achievements over the entire course, and future directions.

Produce a 3 minute video that showcases your work

  • Videos must be designed so that they can be available at the time of the showcase and assessed by tutors.
  • Auxiliary materials are acceptable, however you must have an agreement with you tutor well in advance of the submission deadline, that they are happy to assess your linked online materials.

Because much of our engagement is online, with the consent of your tutor, you may produce an auxiliary linked online experience, using (for example) one of the following tools:

  • (e.g. )
  • Canva (e.g.
  • WordPress (e.g.
  • invision ( walkthrough
  • vimeo/youtube ( or
  • Google Site

Marking criteria

Your team’s video will be assessed against the following criteria:

Criterion Characteristic Low High
Content context of the problem none given clearly defined
  scope of problem or opportunity simple challenging
  approach or solution not relevant clearly relevant
  impact of your project limited broad
Presentation production quality basic advanced
  visual engagement difficult pleasing

Assessment Process

Videos will be assessed by team tutors.


You must submit an 1-page A0 printable “Poster”, digital PDF file, associated with your video to Wattle. The PDF is not assessed.

  • This will provide a link, and where relevant password, for your tutor and examiner to access and play your video.
  • This will also include a 300 word description of your project, and a team biography.
  • The Showcase this semester will be predominantly physical, with your PDF prominently displayed as a poster. Please bring a devise to share your video, and ensure you have a short url, or QR code, so that attendees can view your video on their device.

Video Publication

Each team’s video can be published/linked-to on the TechLauncher course website. If there is any reason why this cannot happen, please contact one of the Course Convenors.

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