Tag Reports

Tag Reports are used to provide useful feedback during the Audits


Experiencing how to provide and respond to constructive feedback is an important part of professional practice, and critical to the Action Learning Cycle.


To enhance all project work through constructive, actionable feedback with critical and considered review.


Tag Reports consist of three components:

  • a Likert-scale-like evaluation of the work against the Project Audit marking criteria characteristics
  • qualitative feedback (comments) of the work against the Project Audit marking criteria
  • a declaration that you have committed time and effort in considering the work

Team Member Contributions consist of two components:

  • a Likert-scale-like evaluation of the team member’s contribution
  • qualitative feedback (comments) on the team member’s contribution

Quality Control consists of one component:

  • a Likert-scale-like evaluation of the comments against the marking criteria characteristics

Evaluation criteria

Your Tag Reports and Team Member Contributions will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Criterion Characteristic Low High
Feedback quality extent to which feedback is constructive not constructive clearly constructive
  extent to which feedback is actionable not actionable clearly actionable

We expect all feedback to be useful.

Useful feedback is both ‘constructive’ and ‘actionable’. Constructive feedback is specific and based on facts rather than personal opinion and feelings. It tends to be positive and aims to help the team do a better job. It does not attack the team being reviewed.

Actionable feedback is feedback your team can do something about. It can be used to guide changes that improve project outcomes. For example, a team might respond to actionable feedback by adopting new or modified practices, employing new technology, changing the project scope, improving their documentation, or engaging more closely with users.

Note that feedback which simply states what the team did (ie. descriptive feedback) is neither constructive nor actionable. It is of little or no use.

A suggested length of comments is approximately 100 words per marking criterion. However, there is no requirement on length, and the emphasis is on providing constructive and actionable feedback for the team.

Assessment process

The comments will be de-identified through the TechLauncher Portal, and will then be assessed by the team against the criteria using the Many Eyes Process. That is, individuals in the team you provide comments to will assess your comments, alongside the tutor.

Item Team Members Shadows Tutor Client Conveners
Feedback on Feedback if required

A list of all tasks will be available in your TechLauncher Portal.

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