Team Formation

Students commit to offered projects, and form into the teams.
Each team has a nominated spokesperson and deputy.

The event is physical, in the T2 space of the Kambri Cultural Center, ANU Campus, Acton



  • Clients who are pitching a project for the first time this semester must attend for that project to be offered.

  • Clients of continuing teams that are recruiting new members are strongly encouraged to attend and help in that process. Please check with your team…

  • Please attend with a prepared 60 second pitch.

  • An indicative schedule of Team Formation activities is provided below.


  • Any student that is not already assigned to a team is required to attend.

  • Any team that has 3 or fewer members is required to all attend to recruit new members with client, or join another team failing that recruitment attempt. Continuing teams are not recognised until their are declared at team formation.

  • Continuing students, your client may have discontinued the project. Please verify with your client/team that your project is continuing, and if not please attend to form a new team.

  • If you are a team with fewer than 7 members and you would like more, please also attend. Existing team members are free to post on the course Piazza site in advance of team formation, to advertise the position/s. And please register your continuing team on the night when called to do so.

  • By the end of the evening each team must have registered a spokesperson, and a deputy spokesperson. The spokespeople must be able to identify their team members, and of course have the contact details of their clients and members.

  • The team spokespeople are required to input team composition and tutorial preferences. This shall be done using a form circulated to spokespersons. All is to be completed by COB Friday Week 1.

Anyone else

Other participants, including mentors and tutors, are also encouraged to attend.

Date, Time and Venue

See the program schedule


Students should familiarise themselves with short-listed projects before the Team Formation Night. Descriptions of all proposals are available on the TechLauncher Management System. Please register using your university email to fast track that process. You are encouraged to communicate with prospective clients and each other well before Team Formation. We will short-list these projects before Team Formation Night. Only those projects that are short-listed will be offered on the night.
Clients should prepare a great 60-second pitch.
Existing teams looking for additional team members
These teams should think carefully about the type of team members they need to add to their team. Like new projects, they will be given an opportunity to give a 60-second pitch to new students.

Team Size

Each team will comprise about 4-7 students. The team size should be appropriate for the size of the project, and should be made up of a diverse & appropriate skillset.

Indicative Schedule

Time Activity
1730-1735 - 5min buffer
- Welcome
- Setup and overview of approach to team formation process
1735-1830 - Clients and/or their continuing team members will have the opportunity to pitch their projects (60 seconds each)
- No-one to breakout until all clients have pitched.
1830-1850 - Breakout Session 1, around T2 in Kambri Cultural Center .
- students connect with clients, and each other to form teams.
- Students will interact with clients to identify the projects they are interested in.
- Clients will have the opportunity to determine the suitability of students for their projects.
- Students interested in project also chat together to achieve ideal team composition.
- If team forms, students must determine two spokespeople who will register on TF Slack channel.
1850-1900 -Convenors determine status of each project (team complete, too few/many students).
- Spokespeople (2xstudents) from formed teams register with convener at front of space.
1900-1930 - Clients who have not formed teams will have the opportunity to pitch again (60 seconds each)
1930-1950 - Breakout Session, students connect with clients and form teams.
- Students who have attempted to join projects with too few/many students need to find a project and team to join.
1950-… - Finalise all teams and spokespeople with convener.
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