Welcome to COMP1100. Please read the following instructions carefully.

This course is the entry point to studying computer science at the ANU.

The material offered here will provide you with a solid foundation and set of skills which you will revisit many times in your career.

The focus of the course is on building your ability to write code in an organised and principled way. This is not a skill that can be learned by sitting in a lecture theatre listening! Instead, the lectures will introduce concepts which will only come alive for you when you try them out. The absolute key to success in this course is to spend time writing code. Hopefully we will all have a lot of fun doing so.

To help build your programming skills, you will attend one lab (2 hours long) each week for the duration of this course. The enrolment to labs will open soon using MyTimetable.

If you have a choice of lab groups, please enrol in the lab with the smallest number of students currently enrolled.

Note that there are two lab groups per lab slot, taking place in the same room. This is a convenience to allow us assign every student to a specific tutor who will help them throughout the semester.

Labs commence in Week 1.

It is essential that you use MyTimetable to enrol in a lab session by Week 1.

Website status

Please note that this website is still under construction, and currently contains some material from the previous version of this course, which may not be relevant to this version.

If you are looking for a stable version of the website for the previous version of the course, click here.

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