Why do we need to fill in originality and contribution statements?#

The originality statement is your formal statement about the originality of your work, a statement that is absolutely key to academic integrity. Be sure to do complete your originality statement very carefully.
You need to clearly name anyone you collaborated with; any code you used that you did not write yourself; and finally, any assets that you used that you did not create yourself (this means imagery, audio, etc).

Assignment two is a group project, and for each stage you must state how much each member of the group contributed to each deliverable. Completing this accurately is essential.

Why are the continuous integration tests failing on my originality / contribution statements?#

The two most likely reasons are: you forgot to include a team member, or the statement is not a correctly-formatted YAML file.

All team members must sign each group statement. If a team member can’t sign the statement (e.g. because they have left the course or cannot be contacted), contact your tutor to get your group list amended so that the team member is no longer required to contribute.

You should use a YAML validator e.g. https://yamlvalidator.com/ to check that your statements are correctly formatted before pushing to your group repository.

What is YAML, and why do we use it?#

Ben Swift has written an excellent explanation of YAML for COMP1720. Rather than try to reproduce that, I encourage you to go directly to Ben’s explanation of YAML.

How do I fill in the originality statement correctly?#

Ben has also written an excellent explanation of how to fill in the originality statement correctly for COMP1720. Since we are using the same format for our originality statements, I encourage you to go directly to Ben’s explanation.

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