Where can I get more coding practice?#

If you’ve already completed all the homework and lab exercises, and you’re still looking for more coding practice, you could try CodingBat. It has a bunch of small programming exercises in Java, sorted into different topics like arrays, string manipulation, functional programming etc. Completing a few of these exercises may improve your ability to produce Java code quickly, which is important in the exams!

HackerRank also has quite a few Java coding questions. The specifications for these questions are usually more complex and challenging to interpret, so they may provide better practice for some of the more difficult exam questions.

I’m struggling with the course. Are there any additional resources you would recommend?#

First, we assume that you’ve actually looked at all the resources on this site related to the topic you’re struggling with, including the lecture videos, example codes, homework, and additional resources posted with each lecture.

There are millions of pages devoted to the various concepts we cover in this course. If we find a really valuable resource for a particular topic, we will link to it from this site. (We’re not holding anything back from you!) If you find a resource you think is particularly worthwhile that other students could benefit from, please feel free to share it with the class.

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