Exam marks released

Results of Exam II have been released. You can see them from Wattle and Streams (Streams might take some time to synchronise. Marks in Streams are normalised to 25). The following chart shows the distribution of marks (normalised to 100).

With mean 62.36 and ssd. 16.95.

We have examined the exam results and course marks statistically (cohort comparison and comparison with other years). Some values:

  • previous Exam II (2020): mean 62.75 and ssd. 23.15. We cannot compare to other years as we used to run only one final exam for the course.
  • course final marks: Mean and SSD in the last 3 years:
  2019 2020 2021
Mean 68.31 64.97 67.30
SSD 13.27 20.50 19.30

These results suggest that no anomalies were brought by the exam.

The solution to the exam can be found here. Please, notice that Wattle registered the wrong answer for question 8. We have manually remarked this question.

A note on the final marks. The final mark was calculated taking into consideration:

  • Quizzes (10%): your best 8 quizzes,
  • Assignments (3x10%),
  • Exam Week 5 (10%). This exam was redeemable via the mid-semester exam,
  • Mid-semester exam (25%), and
  • Exam II (25%).

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