Week 5 exam marks released

Results of the exam on Week 5 are already released. You can see them from Wattle and Stream. Marks are normalised to 10. The following chart shows the distribution of marks.

With mean 6.35 and ssd. 2.09.

Noting that:

  1. Question 2 has a typo: one of the options should read: “A = B cannot be derived because B does not contain the variable r and A does”;

  2. Question 8 has a typo: the formula should be: ‘∃x.(P(x) ∧ ∃y.(¬P(x) ∨ ¬P(Y)))’;

  3. Question 3: Wattle has the wrong answers.

For (1) and (2), even though we announced this via Zoom and Piazza, we are conscious that not all students were using those communication channels during the exam, or the announcement came late. For that, we have decided to give the points away. We are given +1 points to those options (5 in total) regardless of your answer. This was decided so no student was disadvantaged because of this.

For (3), your marks reflect the correct answers:

  • The formula ¬(¬p ⊗ ¬q) is equivalent to p ⊗ q (this is FALSE)
  • The formula ¬(¬q → p) ∨ (p ∧ q) is equivalent to p ⊗ q (this is TRUE).

Updated:    18 May 2022 / Responsible Officer:    Head of School / Page Contact:    Victor Rivera