Assignment 1

Assignment 1 marks have been released (in Wattle). Contact your tutor in case of questions. As a reminder, Assignment 1 contributes 10% to the final mark of the course.

Assignments without the signed Pledge of Academic Integrity and Originality statement were not marked. You can still send an email to your tutor with the statement to avoid a mark of 0. We are being lenient with Assignment 1, however not submitting the statement for the coming assignments is unacceptable and your final mark for the assignment will be 0.

Submitting two different answers for the same question does not show understanding from your side. We are giving some marks for this situation for Assignment 1, however, submitting more than one different solution for the same question in the coming assignments is unacceptable and your mark for the question will be 0 (even if one of the submitted solutions is perfectly correct).

The solution of the assignment can be found here. Tutors have kindly compiled a set of common feedback given, here.

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