Week 5 exam Notes

These notes have also been published in Wattle:

The exam (link) will be available from 3.55pm on Friday Aug 27, 2021. It will close either at 5:05pm or after one hour from the moment you started (whichever comes first). During the exam, the lecturers will be available on Zoom

  • Zoom link

  • Meeting ID: 87449904325

  • Password: 384707

to answer any questions that may arise. The exam is open book: you may use any resources, specifically the course notes, to answer the questions. The ANU policy for academic integrity applies to this exam. This means in particular:

  • you may not collaborate with others during the exam via any means
  • the exam must be your own work
  • you may not use any Q&A websites.

You will earn +1 credit for every correct true/false choice, -1 credit for every incorrect true/false choice, and 0 credits for every true/false choice that is not attempted. This is to ensure that a person who guesses the answers to all questions randomly receives a total score of 0% in expectation (rather than 50% which would indicate a pass mark). The maximum of your mark and zero will then be scaled to a 0 to 10 range to reflect the 10% weighting of the exam.

This exam is redeemable via the mid-semester exam in Week 7: if you perform poorly in the exam, or miss it for any reason, then you have the opportunity to make up for it in the mid-semester exam. This means that in the final calculation of your mark for the course, the mark of the mid-semester exam will be used in lieu of the (mark for the) week 5 exam, if the mark of the mid-semester exam is higher.

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