Academic integrity

There are several different aspects to academic integrity, and several different types of academic misconduct.

This course is covered by the ANU’s policy on plagiarism. The university provides general guidance on how to avoid plagiarism, and on academic integrity in general. We assume that all the work that you submit for grading for COMP1600/COMP6260 is your own, unaided work.

The course convenor may at any time conduct interviews about any submitted item of work. Discrepancies between the submitted assessment item and the interview will be treated as suspected academic misconduct.

It is not okay to

  • submit somebody else’s work as your own;
  • alter somebody else’s submission and submit it as your own;
  • base your submission on somebody else’s work;
  • base your submission on notes / board photos that you have created with others;
  • use shared documents as the basis for assignment submissions.


In this course we will communicate with you through

  • this web-site. Check it regurlaly. We will be posting news;
  • Piazza forum;
  • your uID email account (i.e; You are expected to check them regularly.

For you to communicate to the teaching team your first and best option is always the forum. You can post any question you like – either as a general question to everyone (lecturers, tutors, and classmates) or as a private message.

The piazza forum is a place to discuss. Do not just use it as a place to get answers from the teaching team. Do answer and discuss questions with other students. Needless to say, you should be courteous and help one another out – there will be consequences for anyone who engages in a disrespectful behaviour: see the Student Code of Conduct.

Final marks and grades

To pass the course, you must satisfy all of these criteria:

  1. score at least 50 overall
  2. pass the hurdle: get a mark of at least 40% in the mid-semester exam and get a mark of at least 40% in the final exam.

Your final mark will be the total of your marks on the Wattle quizzes (10%) + three assignments (30%, 10% each) + the early intervention exam in Week 5 (10%) + mid-semester exam in Week 7 (25%) and final exam during the final exam period (25%).

If your final mark is less than 50 but greater than or equal to 45 then you will receive a PX grade and be eligible for supplementary assessment to try and pass the course.

If you fail the hurdle and if you get a final mark of 45 or greater then you will receive a PX grade and be eligible for supplementary assessment to try and pass the course. If you fail the hurdle and your final mark is lower that 45 you will fail with a final grade of NCN (as per the ANU rules).

If your final mark is less than 45 you will fail this course with a grade of N

If you enrol, but don’t participate in the course at all you will fail with a final grade of NCN, which means a failure due to non-completion.

Late submissions: Late assignments will not be accepted without a compelling and properly documented reason for absence provided to the convenor, e.g. sickness with a medical note.


I strongly recommend that you attend all live lectures (on campus whenever possible, or via Zoom) and the practical sessions (on-campus whenever possible). We will be doing hands-on exercises and giving feedback. This is a good oppotunity to know your lecturers, tutors and classmates. I understand the feeling might not be the same due to the circumstances, but we (all of us) need to make the best of the situation.


Marks and feedback will be released through Wattle and Streams.


From the date that your marks for any assessment item are released electronically you have a period of two weeks in which to appeal your mark. After this period your mark will be locked in.

If you’re unhappy with your mark for any assessment item, then here’s the relevant ANU Policy (see section 61):

The University recognises the right of students to seek a review of, and to appeal against, a result for an assessment task within a course, or their final result in a course. Appeals against a result for an individual assessment task are considered as a component of the final grade, after the final grade is released. Appeals against assessment outcomes are conducted according to the Assessment Rules.

As with any ANU course, you are able to apply for special assessment consideration.


We love talking with and meeting with our students, but please do not email us.

Why not???

Because email is not an efficient communication medium for teaching and I get far too many emails already!

Instead, please do one of the following:

  • You are always welcome and encouraged to speak to me one-to-one (over Zoom or Team) during my ofice hours;
  • For matters relating to the course, use Piazza;
  • For ANU administrative matters (e.g. enrolment, permissions, etc.) contact student services (

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