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Lecturer: Dr. Victor Rivera

Hi all, this is Victor Rivera, your Course Convener. I am a lecturer in the School of Computing. My research interest is the use of formalisms to prove the correctness of systems. I have also been working on the automatic (and static) inference of program locations (variables) that are allowed to change in a routine execution (in an object oriented environment), a problem known as the framing problem; I have been also working on proving that certain properties on data access and control of the Australian My Health Record system adhere to the legislation that define them.
I am lucky enough to have been travelling around the world. I did a Bachelor and Master in Computer science in Colombia. then moved to Portugal to do a PhD in CS. I then moved to Germany (for a short period of time). And finally, I spent 5 years in Russia (and no, I do not speak Russian, unfortunately) prior coming to Australia. I am amazed by what the world has to offer.

Lecturer: Dr. Dirk Pattinson

I'm Dirk. I'm a mathematician turned computer scientist. Prior to joining ANU I held a (senior) lectureship at Imperial College London, a lectureship at the University of Leicester and was a Research Associate at LMU Munich.


Caitlin D’Abrera

My name is Caitlin and I'm a student at ANU, towards the end of my PhD in formal logic. This is my third year of involvement with this course and I look forward to helping you learn and see the beauty in these foundational topics!

Jim De Groot

Hi my name is Jim. I'm originally from Holland and came to Australia to do a PhD in logic. In my spare time I like to travel around the country, especially the remote parts.

Chloe Hall

I'm currently in the third year of my Bachelor's in computer science and mathematics, with my main interest being in formal logic and AI. In my spare time I'm also a western animation buff and an adequate digital artist.

David Quarel

David is a tutor in the department of computer science, and has been so since 2016. He graduated with a Masters in computer science in 2018, and his undergraduate was in pure mathematics, both from the ANU. David's passion is in teaching, and to this effect he manages a YouTube channel for this course. David's interests include board games, hobby electronics, cycling and Effective Altruism.

Peter Quarel

Hi I'm Peter, I graduated from a Science degree majoring computer science last year and have been teaching first year computer science for the last few years now. When I'm not teaching you can find me somewhere in Australia in my campervan, or working on motorcycles in my garage.

Pramodya Samarasinghe

Hi there! My name is Pramo. I am a third year student following a bachelor of Advanced computing (honours) and actuarial studies. I took this course last semester and loved every minute of it! Some of you might know me from tutoring COMP1100 last semester, which I really enjoyed doing. Outside of uni I do a lot of painting, watching movies with friends, and work on a logic research project. I really look forward to meeting and teaching you.

Silvester Shan

I'm Sylvester and I'm currently doing a postgraduate degree at ANU. I'm deeply interested in machine learning and reinforcement learning. Outside of study, I have a hobby of keeping aquariums and fishing.

Jack Stodart

I'm in my fourth year studying theoretical computer science and environmental science and I really enjoy teaching this course (this is my third time). I also like horror movies and board games, and I'm currently learning the cello.

Minchao Wu

Minchao Wu is a Ph.D student in computer science. He is interested in logic, formal methods and automated reasoning.

Course Representatives

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