Do you want to make music with your computer? Do you want create new kinds of musical instruments? Do you want to be a part of a laptop band? This is the course for you!

If you’re an ANU student and you’d like to be part of LENS in the future, then bookmark this page and come back around June 2022—the course will be starting up again in Semester 2 2022 (note: not in Semester 1 as it ran in 2021).

If you’ve got other questions about the Laptop Ensemble, e.g. upcoming gigs or booking LENS for your next event, then email Dr Ben Swift or Dr Charles Martin.

The LENS course (LENS’21) has finished for the year—check out the student’s performances in the final gig video here (hot off the LENS Youtube Channel).

Who is this for? #

In this course you’ll learn fundamental skills of sound and music computing, including digital synthesis, algorithmic composition, and musical interface design. You’ll put these skills to use creating a computer musical instrument, composition, or interactive sound artwork to perform—at a live gig—at the end of the course.

This course is open to students in computer science, music, art, and elsewhere at ANU. You should have a strong interest in making sound and music using computers, a willingness to learn new approaches to music and computer programming, and be must be able to attend the weekly workshop session perform at the end-of-semester LENS gig.

If you’ve got any questions (including how to enrol), the course FAQ might answer them for you.

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