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The Australian National University

COMP3530 and COMP6353

Systems Engineering for Software Engineers

Systems Engineering

Society relies on many complex systems of interacting technology, people, processes, laws and other elements. Examples of such systems include air transport, telecommunications and energy supply.

Systems Engineering is a holistic, multi-disciplinary and well established approach to the engineering of these complex systems.

Because software is a critical component of such systems, Software Engineers will often work in Systems Engineering teams. This course prepares students for such roles.

Course Organisation

COMP3530/COMP6353 is organised a little differently to other courses you may have taken within the Research School of Computer Science.

While the Programs And Courses entry for COMP3530 identifies a series of topics to be covered by the course, we will not be dedicating specific lectures to each one. Instead, each topic will be explored from a range of perspectives through a series of 'Expert Panel' sessions, student facilitated tutorials and reflection.

Industry and Government

Many of the 'Expert Panel' sessions in this course are delivered by experts from industry, government and the broader community. If you are interested in participating in panels sessions or would like to know more about this course, please do not hesitate to contact the Course Convenor for additional information.


This course schedule, assessment scheme and resources are all available on Wattle. Wattle will also be used for submission of work and providing feedback to students.


This course will use Piazza for announcements and student forums. You can look here for some of our reasons for using Piazza.

Problems with this web site

Please email the Course Convenor with any problems you find in this web site.

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