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Real-Time and Embedded Systems

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This is the new edition for S2 2019 - stay tuned as details emerge.

2019 edition

Course code: Comp4330, Comp6433 & Comp8330



to the main ANU course for Real-Time and Embedded Systems. The focus of this course is to communicate all basic real-time concepts and how they relate to phyiscal devices. You will learn how to design a real-world system which can be relied upon under any foreseeable circumstances.

Proteus (NASA)
Logic based, sustainable, autonomous flight. Ongoing research at the Australian National University 2015 (Ben Coughlan). On-board control, energy harvesting & management, navigation and telemetry implemented in programmable logic (no CPUs). Airframe based on a commercial, 4-m-wingspan glider (Pulsar).


Help and support is provided on many levels:

  • Attend all the lectures (come with a clear head and an empty note-pad).
  • Do all the labs - our tutors are experienced and will always listen and point you towards a productive direction.
  • Talk to your classmates. Form a learning group with your friends.
  • Use the forums - chances are you are not the only one with this question.
  • Contact us - any of us (e-mail addresses below). We won't be sitting on the phone 24/7, but most of us are electronically reachable most of the time. All e-mails and posts will be answered - mostly surprisingly fast.
  • Most importantly: if you feel that you are or might be getting into trouble then see us straight away. If you hit a wall, neither staring at it, nor ignoring it will make it go away -> you will need to become active and talk to somebody. Almost anything can be put back on track, if you give us a chance to suggest a solution in time.

Lecturer in charge:

Uwe R. Zimmer | e-mail

Second examiner:

Shayne Flint | e-mail


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