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  • Due date: 5/10/2022, week 9
  • Mark weighting: 20%
  • Submission: submit your assignment according to the instructions below
  • Policies: for late policies, academic integrity policies, etc. see the policies page


The LENS demo is a work-in-progress demonstration of your final LENS performance conducted in-class during week 9. It’s not an “artistic performance” but a talk-through of your current plan with examples of your work so far.

Here’s the few questions to help you get started:

  • What is the main idea of your performance? What makes it unique to you?

  • How will your performance work technically? What tools are you using, what musical software have you already created and what do you still have to do?

  • What is your performance going to sound like? Does it reflect a certain style of computer music or some other genre? What artists/pieces have you used for inspiration?

  • How will your performance be collaborative? What will you and the other performers do specifically?


You must:

  • complete the file in your laptop ensemble repo.
  • include at least one image or code snippet in the proposal file to reflect what you plan to create.
  • present your LENS artefact in a 5 minute in-class demo (recorded).
  • answer questions for another 5 minutes
  • bring your own laptop for connection to the HDMI mixer
  • Submit any and all demo materials (patches, code, sounds, video, etc) to GitLab by the start of the demo day class.

You should not:

  • Prepare a powerpoint presentation or slideshow; this is a live demo.
  • Only talk about what YOU will do in your performance; it’s an ensemble performance.
  • Talk about sounds you will make in a digital audio workstation (e.g., Logic/Ableton); you are expected to primarily use tools and concepts we have learned in class.
  • Prepare to play for 15 minutes; you only get 5 minutes demo and 5 minutes questions.

Submission process

  • complete (include at least one image or code snippet to represent what you plan to do)
  • submit any and all demo materials (patches, code, sounds, video, etc) to GitLab by the start of the demo day class.
  • show up to your presentation timeslot at the following times:

Presentation schedule:

  • Workshop timeslot (Wednesday 10am, week 9)
  • Alt time (TBA)

Marking criteria

Your demo will be assessed based the following marking criteria:

  • (50%) technical quality & ambition of your artefact/performance with regards to the fundamental concepts in music computing covered in this course

  • (20%) understanding and engagement with the design and performance challenges around computer music interfaces

  • (20%) scope for collaborative ensemble interaction in your performance

  • (10%) clarity of communication in your in-class demo presentation and proposal document

Peer feedback

Part of demo day is seeing what everyone else is working on and being able to give feedback & encouragement. To do this, everyone will fill out a short “peer feedback” sheet during the demo day (to be handed in at the end of the class—we’ll collate the responses and make sure everyone gets their feedback).

You’re not grading your classmates—you don’t give a mark, and the feedback you give isn’t incorporated into the grades. The purpose of the feedback is for you to help one another out in creating the best LENS performances you can, and perhaps to help you to reflect on what makes a compelling LENS performance.

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