Here are a list of workshops we offer. If you’d like us to deliver one to your class, then get in touch.

Interpretation & code art

  • duration: 1.5-2 hours
  • age group: high school (year 9-12)
  • contact: Ben Swift

The purpose of this workshop is to get you started thinking about interpretation. This workshop is about the way that a work of art (even code art) can be represented as a series of instructions which must be interpreted (or executed, or realised, or performed) to make a complete artwork.

Computing Modelling of Epidemics

  • duration: 90 minutes
  • age group: high school (year 9-12)
  • contact: Josh Milthorpe

As the COVID-19 epidemic has unfolded, we’ve all seen the curves of predicted infection and death rates in Australia and worldwide. But how are these curves created, and what can they tell us about how scientists try to predict the future? In this session we’ll discuss how scientists use computers to simulate real-world phenomena using numerical models, and build a simplified model of an epidemic. The math will be simple and no previous programming experience is required - all you need is your curiosity and a web browser.

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