Dr Liang Zheng

Liang Zheng
Senior Lecturer
CS Futures Fellow
Research Area:
CSIT (108), N214

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing, The Australian National University. I hold a Computer Science Futures Fellowship and an ARC DECRA Fellowship. I received my PhD (EE) from Tsinghua University in 2015, and my Bachelor of Science (Life Science) from Tsinghua University in 2010. I am working on interesting topics in computer vision: applications including person re-identification and medical image understanding; fundamental problems including deep learning and synthetic data analysis.

I am looking for PhD students with excellent English ability, coding ability, and motivation. A potential PhD student should have high GPA and rich experience in research. If you are a master student and intend to apply for a PhD, it is best you have publications in top venues like CVPR/ICCV/ECCV. Drop me an email if you are interested. 

If you are interested in a visiting scholar position, please be kindly reminded that I do not have funding for it. If you can secure externel funding support and if you are highly motivated and experienced in research, please drop me an email. 

To ANU students. If you are an ANU undergraduate student looking for an Honors project, please be advised that I usually have 2-3 honors students each year and that 24-unit projects are preferred. If you looking for Masters projects, the Master of Philosophy program is preferred. Please email me to arrange a discussion beforehand.

My personal homepage is at zheng-lab.cecs.anu.edu.au/index.html


Sem2 2019 and 2020, COMP3670/6670 Introduction to Machine Learning

Computer vision, machine learning, deep learning

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