Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Our global energy systems are currently in rapid transformation, particularly through uptake of photovoltaic and wind power, driven by emissions reduction targets. The intermittent nature of these new generation sources presents challenges as we seek to further increase the use of renewable sources of power. Energy storage is a key component required for resilience in our future energy system, since it allows demand and supply to be de-coupled, ensuring that renewable energy can be used when it is needed, and not only when the sun shines or the wind blows.

Our research in energy storage spans from behind-the-meter systems such as clathrate semi-hydrate cold storage for buildings, to integration of battery storage into 'smart grids', to 'off-river' pumped hydro storage. In high-temperature thermal energy storage, we work to integrate with concentrating solar power systems, applied not only to electricity generation but also to supply of industrial process heat for chemical and metallurgical processing. In thermochemical storage, we develop carbonate thermochemical looping and metal oxide redox cycles. In sensible and latent storage concepts, we work on high-temperature eutectic salt mixtures compatible with sodium receivers. As well conducting system-level simulation and analysis, we maintain several active experimental facilities.

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Academic staff

Dr Zainul Abdin »

Lecturer and Grand Challenge Fellow

Dr Fiona J Beck »

FERL Fellow, ARC DECRA Fellow, Senior Lecturer

Professor Andrew Blakers »


Professor Kylie Catchpole »

Professor, Deputy Director, School of Engineering

Hongjun Chen »

Postdoctoral Fellow

Associate Professor Joe Coventry »

Associate Professor

The Duong

Dr. The Duong »

ARENA Postdoctoral Fellow

David Leibold »

School Visitor

A/Prof. Adrian Lowe »

Associate Professor

Bin Lu

Dr Bin Lu »

Research Fellow ACAP | Grand Challenge

Dr Chathurika Mediwaththe »

Research Fellow

Assoc Professor John Pye »

Associate Professor

Dr Elizabeth Ratnam »

FERL Fellow, Senior Lecturer

Paul Scott

Dr Paul Scott »

Research Fellow

Dr Matt Stocks »

Research Fellow

Professor Sylvie Thiebaux »

Professor, AAAI Fellow

Dr Juan Felipe Torres »

Research Fellow

Antonio Tricoli

Professor Antonio Tricoli »

Group Leader, Nanotechnology Research Laboratory

Assoc Professor Takuya Tsuzuki »

Associate Professor

Dr Xiaolin Wang »

Lecturer, DECRA Fellow


Cheng Cheng »

PhD Candidate

Shubhankar Kapoor »

PhD Student

Ms Lifeng Li »

PhD Student

Masoume Mahmoodi »

PhD Student

Gowtham Mohan

Mr Gowtham Mohan »

PhD Student

Mr Asim Riaz »

PhD Student

Mr Mahdiar Taheri »

Research Fellow

Mr Nan Wang »

PhD Candidate

Joyce Yeoh »

PhD Candidate


Dr Jose M. Alvarez »

Honorary Lecturer


Dr Jiabin Fang »

Campus Visitor

Mr Fan Zhang »

Occupational Trainee

Technical staff

Liam Hayes smiling brightly

Mr Liam Hayes »

Casual Research Assistant

Mr Mehdi Nikpendar »

Senior Technical Officer


Mr Hugo Temby »

Research Manager

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