Data Mining & Matching

Data Mining

Data mining is concerned with the development of techniques for discovering novel and useful knowledge in large databases, while data matching is the process of identifying records that correspond to the same entities, such as patients or customers, across disparate databases. We are developing unique data mining and matching techniques that enable the linkage of large and dynamic databases, without revealing any private information. These techniques can be used to create innovative population informatics applications that provide new and valuable information for researchers, governments and businesses. The outcomes will provide advances to linking data in areas such as health, commerce, research and national security.

Our research is also addressing the increasing challenge of identity crimes. These offences can result in losses of billions of dollars for financial organisations and serious consequences for the victims involved. We are developing cutting-edge tools that will provide real-time identity verification in a broad range of applications, including e-Government portals, electronic banking, online stores and national security systems.

Explore our available student research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.


Academic staff

Professor Peter Christen »


Dr Timothy Graham »

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Dr Artem Lenskiy »

Fellow Academic

Dr Bernardo Pereira Nunes »

Lecturer in Computer Science & Digital Humanities

Dr Thilina Ranbaduge »

Research Fellow

Qing Wang, CECS, ANU

Dr Qing Wang  »

Associate Director (EDUCATION PARTNERSHIPS), Associate Professor

Professor Graham Williams

Professor Graham Williams »

Professor, Chief Scientist, Software Innovation Institute, Cluster Lead, Data Science & Analytics

Dr Zhenchang Xing »

Associate Professor


Mr Jeff Fisher »

Phd student, Associate Lecturer

Ms Nishadi Kirielle »

PhD Candidate

Mrs. Charini Nanayakkara »

Phd Student

Muhammad Salman »

PhD Candidate

Mrs Asara Senaratne »

PhD Candidate

Ms. Sirintra Vaiwsri »

PhD Student

Anushka Vidanage

Mr Anushka Vidanage »

PhD Candidate, Research Officer, Tutor

Mr Oliver Xi »

Honours Student

1 Dec 2016
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Alasdair Tran and Lee Wei Yen
5 Nov 2015
Two ANU computing students have recently taken out the Australian Data Mining 2015 student competition.  With a first place...

Professor Peter Christen

ARC Discovery

Awarded $350,000 from the Australian Research Council for a project entitled "Privacy-preserving Record Linkage on Multiple Large Databases."



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