Diesel Lab software rewrite

Research areas

Temporary Supervisor

Dr John Pye


You would write a new data acquisition and control system for the ENGN3224
diesel engine lab. A DA system is already there, but it is antiquated, and the
current software runs on MS-DOS only, and it is not possible to update the
hardware because of the interface used to connect to the DA hardware.

For this project, you would need to source a suitable new computer together with
DA hardware, connect the probes (pressure transducers, fuel flow meters,
thermocouples, etc), then write software that will present all this information
in a format suitable for inexperienced lab users.

Expect to use C coding for the data acquisition side of things, together with
some GUI programming for the user interface, preferably on the Linux platform
(because it's what your mentor is most familiar with)

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