Green synthesis of nanomaterials and their applications

Research areas

Temporary Supervisor

Associate Professor Takuya Tsuzuki


  • Development of mechanochemical processing as a new nano-manufacturing technique (UG, MEng)

In recent years, mechanochemical processing has been demonstrated as a versatile and potentially green technique for the synthesis of a variety of nanoparticles. Our group played a key role in the development of this technique as a leading research team on mechanochemistry in the world. This project will investigate the potential of mechanochemical processing to produce novel types of nanoparticles for various applications.

  • Biomass utilisation for the production of advanced nanomaterials as a green approach (UG, MEng)

Green technologies in the environmental and energy applications can be truly green only when the raw materials and production methods are green.  This project develops new techniques to produce advanced nanomaterials in a green way.  The project includes the following sub-topics:  

  • Carbon nanomaterials from plant-based raw materials
  • Biomaterial-assisted  synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Utilisation of biomass as a green raw materials for the production of advanced nanomaterials
  • Conversion of industrial waste to value-added advanced nanomaterials

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