A postgraduate coursework program in computing at ANU will reward you while you study, and long after. You will be challenged and placed at the forefront of technological innovation. Gain new skills for your current career, or retool for a new career.

Computing Programs#

Graduate Diploma of Computing#

The Graduate Diploma of Computing enables graduates without a computing background to learn the basics of computing as a discipline.

Graduate Diploma of Computing

Master of Computing#

The Master of Computing enables graduates without a computing background to acquire fundamental knowledge of computing.

Master of Computing*

*The Master of Computing is professionally accredited by the Australian Computer Society.

Master of Computing (Advanced)#

The Master of Computing (Advanced) is for graduates with a computing background who wish to update and deepen their knowledge. It leads students to opportunities in advanced research and development.

Master of Computing (Advanced)

Prior Standing#

Students with a computing-related undergraduate degree or graduate diploma may receive up to 48 units of credit allowing them to complete a Master’s program in less than the usual 2-year time frame.

Specialisations (4 courses)#

Within these programs students can pursue a range of specialisations

  Artificial Intelligence
  Computational Foundations  
  Computer Systems  
  Data Science
  Human Centred Design & Software Development
  Information and Human Centred Computing  
  Machine Learning
  Professional Computing  
  Software Engineering  

Data Analytics & Data Engineering#

The rapid expansion of the digital environment has increased the opportunity for data-driven innovation. Learn how to harness data at scale. The Data Engineering and Applied Data Analytics programs provide the skills necessary to build computing pipelines that transform data into formats that analysts can use to drive decision making in diverse application domains.

Courses in these programs are taught in both blended mode (recommended for students working and studying part-time) and semester mode (on-campus). Blended mode courses comprise mostly on-line study with a full-time intensive week on campus at ANU in Canberra in the middle of the course (4 weeks on-line, one week on-campus intensive, 4 weeks on-line). The intensive week provides a cohort experience for students to meet and work with their peers, fostering a national network of data professionals.

Graduate Diploma of
Applied Data Analytics
Master of
Applied Data Analytics

For domestic students only:

Graduate Certificate of
Applied Data Analytics
Graduate Certificate of
Data Engineering

Machine Learning and Computer Vision#

Rapid societal changes are being driven by the increasing ubiquity of AI and automation. Cornerstone technologies in these fields are Machine Learning and Computer Vision. The Machine Learning and Computer Vision programs provide students with specialised expertise and knowledge in machine learning, computer vision, and robotics, leading to opportunities in research.

Graduate Certificate of Machine Learning and Computer Vision Master of Machine Learning and Computer Vision

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