Project Proposals


To pitch a project to start in Semester 2 of 2023 or later, please add your projects to the TechLauncher Management System, or contact us directly with questions, projects or concerns.

Project proposals can be made using the TechLauncher Management System. Detailed instructions can be found here. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

If you would like advice and/or help in preparing your proposals, please contact us. Also, please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn to any and all of Manik Mahajan, Priscilla Kan-John, and Charles Gretton.

TechLauncher Projects

Project proposals are welcome from industry, government, research labs, community groups, and student-led startups.

As an indication, projects should be in one or more of the following areas:

  • design, build and deliver projects
  • consulting projects
  • startup projects
  • system optimisation problems
  • open-ended explorations
  • education and outreach
  • research-supported projects
  • student-led initiatives
  • other negotiated projects

Members of the TechLauncher cohort are typically from the school of computer science, and therefore have specialist training in one or more of the following areas:

  • software development,
  • information systems and systems architecture,
  • data science,
  • artificial intelligence, and
  • human-centred computing

Project Short-Listing

TechLauncher is fortunate to have amazing support from industry, government and the ANU community. Every semester, we receive a large number of project proposals. To deal with these numbers, we need to create a short-list of projects that will proceed to the Team Formation Night.

We will short-list projects by considering project scope, level of difficulty and how the project will facilitate student learning. During this process, we may meet with clients to ‘tune’ their proposals, and to ensure that all stakeholders understand each other’s needs and that those needs are compatible with the objectives of TechLauncher.

Team Formation Night

The purpose of the Team Formation Night is to select those projects that will run and the teams that will work on them.

Expected commitment for clients

Project clients are expected to meet with teams on a regular basis to ensure that teams can achieve the best outcome possible. As a guide, this should be at least every week for 1-2 hours. Clients must attend the Team Formation Night. Otherwise, clients are expected to attend three (3) project reviews during semester, and our Project Showcase event. Client meetings and project review timings will be negotiated directly with the team.

The schedule of activities is published here at the beginning of each semester.

Student/Client Agreement

For situations where clients request the transfer of IP and a non-disclosure agreement, we have a preferred agreement.

  • Details of our preferred agreement are here.

We require that ANU staff have access to Project IP for the period that team members are enrolled in the Techlauncher program, for examination and assessment purposes.

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