TechLauncher teams develop mature processes, and use them to build useful systems

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  • Emergency services campaign planning, scheduling and tracking of operations with Accenture.
  • Management of wildfile rescue operations and release with ACT Wildlife.
  • Assist farmers in optimising the long term profitability of their resources by using sustainable farming practices with
  • Everyperson’s carbon accounting, from sole traders to megacorperations, with evalue8
  • Coordination and management of aged care services with Get Care.
  • Drive gross margin with actionable insights for farm system planning using simulation modelling with CEAT.
  • Decision support tool for the management of heart disease.
  • Driving household migration to smart use of green energy with IO Energy.
  • Knowledge and Understanding 2020 Showcase with plenaries by Dr Elaine Stead (ANU-E) and Dr Sylvie Perreau (DST).
  • Shaping Tomorrow 2020 Showcase with plenaries by Diane Herz (Social Research Centre) and Elle Syrrou (Cardia Capital).
  • Building Resilience 2020 Showcase with plenary by Prof. Joan Leach (CPAS).
  • Giant Magellan Telescope Game video
  • Computer Assisted Composition in Continuous Time paper
  • Be entertained by the ANU Laptop Ensemble
  • In 2018 two teams contributed to the CHIIA initiative under Susan Travis.
  • ANU TechLauncher Online Showcase Semester 1 2020, following the links from here to register for the On24 webcasts, and then you can watch all sessions in catchup mode.
  • TechLauncher teams were awarded by Canberra’s largest entrepreneurship program.

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