(based on pages of COMP1720)

There are lots of ways to get help in this course—here are three big tips:

  1. Read the website: make sure you read the stuff on this course website. In particular, you should know about the course policies and the stuff discussed at Resources and Important Information.
  2. Start your assignments early: you probably hear this a lot, but you’ll save yourself a lot of pain if you start the assignments early.
  3. Ask good questions on the forum: you’re probably not the only one with the same question, so if you ask it there then others can benefit as well. Learning how to ask good questions is a useful skill in this course and beyond, and this course gives you a chance to practice that skill :)

Important dates#

It’s important to know when the deadlines are for adding and dropping courses. Check out the university calendar for a full list of all the dates you need to know about.

Helpful contact info#

Here are a few more places you can go and people you can talk to.

Course reps#

Your course reps are: to be announced.

If you want to be a course rep, get in touch with the course convenor.

CECS Student Services#

(+612) 6125 4450


ANU Students’ Association#

(+612) 6125 2444


ANU Computer Science Students’ Association#


General information & support services#

If you’ve been studying at the ANU for a while you probably already know about these websites, but here’s a list of various tools/repositories of information to help you in your studies at the ANU.

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