The following table provides an overview of what weeks the assessments are released or are due. This is preliminary, and may be tweaked (with notice) throughout the semester. See each individual assessment piece for definitive dates and times.

Week Dates Due Released
1 24/7 - 28/7   Seminar
2 31/7 - 4/8   Assignment 1
3 7/8 - 11/9    
4 14/8 - 18/8 Assignment 1 Assignment 2
5 21/8 - 25/8    
6 28/8 - 1/9 Assignment 2 Assignment 3
7 18/9 - 22/9 Seminar: Group and Topic Selection  
8 25/9 - 29/9 Assignment 3  
9 2/10 - 6/10   Assignment 4
10 9/10 - 13/10    
11 16/10 - 20/10 Assignment 4  
12 23/10 - 27/10 Seminar: Video delivery  

Lab and forum participation

5% of your overall mark will come from lab participation and 1% from ed discussions or drop-in session participation.

Lab participation

Lab participation will be marked in the following weeks:

  • Week 2: 1% available
  • Week 4: 1% available
  • Week 6: 1% available
  • Week 7: 1% available
  • Week 10: 1% available

You can participate either through asking questions related to the lab problem sets, or showing the tutor your attempt at one of the lab questions. Questions related to the assignments or administration do not count (but still please ask them!).

If you cannot attend one of the above labs, you can still get your 1% participation mark by instead participating through ed discussions as follows: create a new post under the “async-lab” folder on ed discussions stating which question(s) from the problem set you plan to tackle that week. After you’ve attempted the question(s), reply to your original post on ed discussions providing details of your attempt. This should be accompanied by a paragraph reflecting on the question, e.g., what was challenging about it, what did you try that failed, what gaps remain in your understanding? This second post must be done in the same week. These posts will help other students learn, whether or not you get everything exactly right (the marks are for participation not correctness). These two posts must be done by Sunday (after the relevant week).

Forum / drop-in participation

To obtain the 1% for the ed discussions or drop-in participation, you will need to either post a question or answer someone else’s question on ed discussions, or attend and ask a question at the drop-in session. This must be done within the first 4 weeks of semester and the question must be in relation to the lecture material, problem sets or assignments, not administration.


General instructions

Seminar (COMP8691 only)

Seminar instructions

  • Week 1: Seminar project released
  • Week 7: Group and topic selection deadline: 22-09-2023 18:00 AEDT
  • Week 12: Video delivery deadline: 27-10-2023 18:00 AEDT


The following past exams are available for you to practice. We will not be giving out full worked solutions, but will cover some of these questions in labs and can check your working for you on request.

Note that from year to year, the exam format, the number of questions, the distribution of subjects, and the distribution of marks among questions may change.

Assessment marks

Assessment COMP4691 COMP8691
Final Exam 50% (40% hurdle) 50% (40% hurdle)
4 Assignments 44% 34%
Seminar 10%
Lab and Forum Participation 6% 6%

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