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This course provides you a unique opportunity to build (yes, engineers build stuff!) a microprocessor (central processing unit or CPU) from scratch. CPUs power the digital revolution. You use one everyday and perhaps every minute of your life. Building one is super-exciting and fun! The later half of the course will teach you to program a microprocessor in the C programming language.


  • Digital Design and Computer Architecture This book from David Harris and Sarah Harris provides a rich bottom-up approach to processor design fundamentals. It begins with an excellent background on combinational and sequential logic fundamentals before implementing the MIPS/ARM ISA.

  • You can download a copy for free from the ACM Digital Library

Semester 1 2022 Details

Mode of Delivery: Dual Delivery
Lectures: Monday (15:30-17:00) and Thursday (11:00-12:30)
Location: Monday (RN Robertson Theatre) and Thursday (Marie Reay 6.02)
Lab: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Prerequisites: Programming as Problem Solving
Incompatible Courses: COMP2300
Course Convenor: Dr. Shoaib Akram
Lecturer: Shoaib Akram
Office: CSIT N319
Office hours: TBD
Tutors: Benjamin Gray
  Cassy Chun-Crogan
  David Quarel
  Felix Friedlander
  Jon Connor
  Nicholas Miehlbradt
  Harris Loi
  Sophie Chinn

You should have received an email with instructions for signing up to Piazza, our class forum for this semester. If you have not, please email us. We will use Piazza for all the communication.

Contact the course convenor (Shoaib Akram) for more information.

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