Before You Start

It is essential that you use streams to enroll in a lab class before the end of Week 1 (enrolments will open on Monday morning, Week 1).

The Labs Repository

The labs repository is the basis for COMP1110 lab exercises in 2019. In lab 1, you will fork your own copy of this repository and the use your forked copy for the remainder of the semester.

Lab Exercises

Instructions for each lab are contained in the lab repository.

Lab Tests

You will sit an in-lab exam in week three. You will not use the labs repository to complete that exam. Instead, you will create your own repository as part of the test. When you sit the test, you will find instructions on the desktop of the computer when you log in. You can prepare for the lab tests by working through the homework questions. Your lab test will include a randomized selection of the questions found among the homework questions.

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