Enrolment #

Before the end of week 1, you need to enrol in a lab session using MyTimetable. Enrolments are already open and we encourage you to enrol as soon as possible. This will help us allocate Tutors to the labs. If you are unsure on how to enrol in labs using MyTimetable, please refer to the dedicated MyTimetable support page and user guide. Note that a lab runs in week 1, but you may attend any of the sessions to get lab 1 marked off. You are also welcome to attend multiple sessions in this first week if you run into trouble with the software setup or lab tasks.

Sessions #

On-campus labs are in the joint room N115/N116 of the CSIT Building. Online labs are held in the online labs channel on Microsoft Teams.

Day Time Location Tutor (a) Tutor (b) Tutor (c) Tutor (d) Consultation
Tuesday 10:00 N115/N116 CSIT Tom Peter Claire Shantha -
Tuesday 14:00 Online Leo Linda Haiqing - Shantha
Tuesday 16:00 Online Mindika Peter Stanley - Vikram
Tuesday 17:00 N115/N116 CSIT Shantha Tom - - -
Wednesday 08:00 N115/N116 CSIT Shantha Llew Vikram - -
Wednesday 10:00 N115/N116 CSIT Vikram Mindika Tom Robert Shantha
Wednesday 12:00 N115/N116 CSIT Robert Claire Llew Sander Shantha
Wednesday 15:00 Online John Leo Robert - -
Thursday 08:00 N115/N116 CSIT Vikram John Stanley Ryan -
Thursday 10:00 N115/N116 CSIT Linda Mindika Haiqing Ryan Leo

The Labs Repository #

The labs repository is the basis for COMP1110 lab exercises. Instructions for each lab are contained in the lab repository.

In lab 1, you will fork your own copy of this repository, which you will use for the remainder of the semester.

Lab Test #

You will sit an in-lab exam in week four.

Consultations #

There are 1:1 consultation sessions available online throughout the week. These 1:1 consultations occur 6 times a week starting in week 2 on the consultation channel. The times are the first hour of each lab except on Tuesday at 10 AM, Wednesdsay at 8 and 10 AM or on Thursday at 8 AM. They are available to anyone, regardless of when your lab time is. The sessions table indicates which tutor is consulting.

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