Artem Lenskiy

Research Fellow


Current research interests

  • Physiological and medical data analysis
  • Moment-based learning
  • Counting integer partitions
  • Financial market analysis

Past research interests

  • Recommender systems
  • Reservoir computing
  • Methods for estimating multi-fractal spectra
  • Computer vision for autonomous ground vehicles



  • MS in Applied Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University, expected 2022
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Ulsan, 2010

Work experience

  • Research fellow - Level C (ANU), Sep 2019 ~
  • Assistant professor (Koreatech), Mar 2011 ~ Sep 2019

    • Graduate student supervision
      • Effects of leave of absence on the academic performance of undergraduate students in Korea (2018)
      • Echo state networks in modeling chaos (2018)
      • Characterizing the cognitive workload by analysing blink rate variability dynamics (2017)
      • Probabilistic approach for item genre prediction utilizing users’ perception (2016)
      • Moment based classification in comparison to kNN (2016)
      • Educational mobile robot platform (2015)
      • Perception system for autonomous vehicles (2014)
    • Selected sponsored research
      • Educational mobile robot platform (Korea Industrial Technology Evaluation Management Service, and Human Resource Development Institute)
      • Autonomous vehicle competition (Agency for Defense Development(Korea) and Hyundai motor group)
      • Ground terrain recognition for autonomous military vehicle (Agency for Defense Development(Korea))
  • Research intern (RIKEN), Summer 2011

Source codes: Github

Ask me questions at: Quora

Activities & Awards#

  • Automated glossary generation for effective and efficient information extraction from text data / Discovering causal relations in COVID-19 associated literature. Sponsored by The Defence Innovation Network (Primary Investigator)
  • Research services relating to data sets. Immunisation Register and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme data set. Sponsored by The Department of Health (Secondary Investigator)
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