Kee Siong Ng

Translational Fellow

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CSIT Building 108, Office N333


+61 2 6125 3259

Data Science
Software Innovation Institute


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My research interests cover both the theory and practice of a number of inter-related areas:

  • Artificial General Intelligence, including approximations of AIXI
  • Large-scale Machine Learning on Parallel Databases, including work on Apache MADlib
  • Declarative Programming Languages, including design and implementation of Escher and Bach
  • Privacy Technologies and their applications in anti-money laundering
  • Large-scale probabilistic entity resolution, including the PSig algorithm used in combating welfare fraud (see also StellarGraph)
  • Probabilistic reasoning in higher-order logic
  • Statistical Relational Learning
  • Smart Contracts on Blockchains, including an application in AML/CTF


I am a (part-time) Associate Professor in ANU’s newly formed Software Innovation Institute (SII) and one of the first two Translational Fellows appointed through ANU’s Entrepreneurial Academic Scheme.

I have more than 15 years of post-PhD experience in multiple domains, including government (cyber security, anti-money-laundering and counter terrorism financing, service delivery, healthcare fraud), investment banking, retail, telecom, oil and gas (midstream), and manufacturing. I have consulted for many large enterprises in Asia-Pacific-Japan and act as a trusted advisor for many industry colleagues.

In my day job at Services Australia, I lead a team of data scientists, security architects and security engineers in building and strenghtening the cyber security capabilities behind whole-of-government systems like the new myGov system, GovERP, Digital Identity, and Cyber Hub.

I maintain a blog here:


  • $8.7m in R&D funding from the Fintel Alliance Expansion NPP (2019 Australian Government Budget)
  • Translational Fellow by ANU (2018)
  • Australia Day CEO Award by AUSTRAC (2017)
  • IJCAI-JAIR Best Paper Award: Honorable Mention (2014)
  • Three $2.56 checks from Emeritus Professor Donald Knuth

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