Yoshihiro Maruyama

Senior Lecturer

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I am a Lecturer at the Research School of Computer Science, The Australian National University. Prior to this, I held Hakubi Assistant Professorship at Kyoto University. Prior to that, I did my D.Phil. at the University of Oxford. I work on formal logic, foundations of mathematics, category theory (esp. categorical duality), foundations of artificial intelligence and quantum physics, and philosophy of all that. My background is rather interdisciplinary; I learned both mathematical science and philosophy at a transdisciplinary department of Kyoto University. My ultimate goal (or just dream) is to revive Natural Philosophy in contemporary form, thus pursuing the Unity of Science in a way coherent with Scientific Pluralism, which might possibly contribute to the Unity of Society (whilst keeping its Plurality or Diversity) as well. I like the idea of Pancomputationalism, a computational theory of everything (or every process in Nature); computer science is arguably universal science, allowing us to manoeuvre between different scientific fields.

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