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What is this?

It’s a slide deck (powered by reveal.js) which uses HTML to create engaging and interactive presentations in the new ANU Identity theme.

How it works

This is a paragraph with class .subtitle set.

This *.md file is split into <sections> (because that’s how reveal.js delineates slides) based on the following “markers”:

  • <h1>
  • <h2>
  • <hr>

In addition, any <section> elements are passed through. As is all other HTML, obvs (it’s md, after all) but <section> elements aren’t wrapped in another <section>.

Here’s a slide

with some stuff on it

and another

Aliquam erat volutpat. Nunc eleifend leo vitae magna. In id erat non orci commodo lobortis. Proin neque massa, cursus ut, gravida ut, lobortis eget, lacus. Sed diam. Praesent fermentum tempor tellus. Nullam tempus. Mauris ac felis vel velit tristique imperdiet. Donec at pede. Etiam vel neque nec dui dignissim bibendum. Vivamus id enim. Phasellus neque orci, porta a, aliquet quis, semper a, massa. Phasellus purus. Pellentesque tristique imperdiet tortor. Nam euismod tellus id erat.


Divider slide


function foo() {
  return "bar";

and here's some inline code with hanging chads

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and here’s the thing

and here’s another

This plan is about the future. Here, we articulate bold ambitions for The Australian National University (ANU) and the nation we serve. Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt, ANU by 2025

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