We fund research students and postdocs, so please get in touch by emailing alex.potanin@anu.edu.au or any other faculty below!

You are welcome to join us in our ongoing Foundation Cluster Seminar series: https://comp.anu.edu.au/foundations/seminars/

Please see individual staff web pages for more information on their research:

  • Dr Akram focuses on memory/storage systems for big datasets - mostly addressing memory (DRAM) scaling limitations in an era of ever-growing data volume, this includes scalable managed heaps for big data analytics, capacity expansion for real-time data-centric services, and scaling proteomics to large datasets;
  • Dr Amorim has a background in the parsing and syntactic analysis of programming languages;
  • Dr Blackburn is currently full-time at Google to help establish Google Research Lab presence in Australia but continues to supervise students working on the MMTk memory management framework.
  • Dr De Groot has a background in abstract logic and works on protocol verification for protocols with algebraic operators.
  • Dr Haines spends most of their time on the security of deployed cryptography, looking at deployed systems such as electronic voting;
  • Dr Hoefner works on the verification of liveness properties in distributed systems, modelling and analysis of routing and communication protocols, verification of locks and general mathematical structures for computer science;
  • Dr Hosking is currently the Director of the School of Computing but continues to supervise students working on garbage collection;
  • Dr Muehlboeck is working on the modern type systems problems including decidability of subtyping;
  • Dr Norrish is working on the development of CakeML and the accompanying HOL theorem prover, but is also interested in weak memory theorem proving and random pieces of mechanised mathematics;
  • Dr O’Connor areas of expertise include: Theory Of Computation, Formal Methods For Software, Programming Languages, Concurrency Theory, Software Testing, Verification And Validation, Computational Logic And Formal Languages, Software And Application Security Dependable Systems.
  • Dr Potanin is interested in object capabilities and secure programming language design, extending his work on the Wyvern programming language and getting module systems of general purpose languages like Rust to respect secure software architecture; as a side, they are interested in agricultural pollution tracking via a decentralised marketplace;
  • Dr Robinson is interested in research on programming languages and streaming systems; they are particularly interested in using formal methods to verify real-time controllers, such as the controllers that are present in autonomous vehicles;
  • Dr Tiu works on the security and privacy of Bluetooth protocols and devices and finding low-level vulnerabilities in Bluetooth implementations, advancing security protocol verification methods and language-based secure information flow;
  • Dr Yatapanage’s research interests are formal methods for the verification of systems that require a high level of assurance, such as safety-critical and concurrent systems;



You are on Aboriginal land.

The Australian National University acknowledges, celebrates and pays our respects to the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people of the Canberra region and to all First Nations Australians on whose traditional lands we meet and work, and whose cultures are among the oldest continuing cultures in human history.

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