This is the course website for ANU COMP1600/6260 Foundations of Computation, S2, 2023.

Mode of Delivery on campus
Prerequisites 6 units of MATH courses and COMP1100 or COMP1130. It is incompatible with COMP2600 or COMP6260
Lecture 1 Monday, 12-1p.m., Manning Clark Hall 1.04
Lecture 2 Wednesday, 11a.m.-12p.m., Manning Clark Hall 1.04
Lecture 3 Thursday, 4-5p.m., Manning Clark Hall 1.04
Course Convenors Nisansala Yatapanage, Dirk Pattinson

Course overview

This course presents some formal notations that are commonly used for the description of computation and of computing systems, for the specification of software and for mathematically rigorous arguments about program properties. The following areas of study constitute the backbone of the course. Predicate calculus and natural deduction, inductive definitions of data types as a basis for recursive functions and structural induction, formal language theory (particularly regular expressions, finite state machines and context-free grammars), and specification languages.

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