COMP1720/6720 labs are available on campus and online. For students who study on campus, you will attend your lab physically at CSIT. For students who study remotely, you will attend your lab through Microsoft Teams.

Each week you’ll get a new set of challenges to work through, and the labs are the best time to get help from your colleagues and tutors.

For more details about how the lab works, you can check out our FAQ.

Schedule and Locations

For the schedule and in-person locations, see ANU Timetabling.

For online labs, we use Microsoft Teams for our lab environment and as a place for you to chat and hang out with students and teachers during the course. Check out our page on online labs for detailed information.

Lab tasks

See the lab tasks page for details about pre- and in-lab assessments.

Lab Attendance

We expect you to attend your lab every week in COMP1720/6720 (that is, the one you have registered to in MyTimetable).

If you are unable to attend a lab due to isolation requirements or just being unwell, you can attend the same time through Teams. Just let your tutor know in your lab’s Teams channel when you arrive.

  • In general, we do not allow students to switch between lab times.
  • If you do end up attending a later lab in the week (somehow) you will need to apply for an extension to have your work count for marks for that week.
  • If you have a Bad Problem (TM) and want to apply to change lab (permanently), contact the lecturer and tutors directly via private message on the course forum.


Contacting your tutors

Tutors are not available for private help or questions outside of lab time but they do answer public questions on the COMP1720 forum. If you need help outside of labs:

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