Due to the current COVID-19 lockdown in Canberra situation all activities in COMP1720/6720 are online until further notice.

COMP1720 labs will be held both on campus and on Microsoft Teams. For students who study remotely, you will attend your lab through Microsoft Teams. For students who study on campus, you will attend your lab physically at CSIT.

Each week you’ll get a new set of challenges to work through, and the labs are the best time to get help from your lab-mates and tutors.

For more details about how the lab works, you can check out our FAQ.


You can check out our lab timeslots here. The location column indicates our labs’ types: physical or online.

Day Time Location FAIS ID Tutors
Tuesday 11am-1pm N115/N116 CSIT online tue11am Niamh, Ash
Tuesday 3pm-5pm online tue3pm Yun, Yichen
Tuesday 5pm-7pm online tue5pm Tom, Niamh
Wednesday 11am-1pm online wed11am Razi, Yichen
Wednesday 1pm-3pm online wed1pm Julian, Yichen
Wednesday 3pm-5pm N115/N116 CSIT online wed3pm Tom, Ash
Thursday 9am-11am N115/N116 CSIT online thurs9am Razi
Thursday 2pm-4pm online thurs2pm Julian, Yichen
Thursday 4pm-6pm online thurs4pm Yun, Yichen


COMP1720 labs provide on campus and online options in Semester 2, 2021.

For online labs, we use Microsoft Teams for our lab environment and as a place for you to chat and hang out with students and teachers during the course.

You can run Teams in your web browser, as a desktop app (Windows/Mac/Linux), or on your mobile device. It’s a good idea to log into Teams in the first week and make sure you know how it works. Check out our page on online labs and lectures for detailed information.

For physical labs, they will be held in room N115/N116 (big room) on the ground floor of the CSIT building. The course software is pre-installed on all the lab machines, although the operating system (OS) is Linux. Feel free to work from your own laptop in the labs if you would prefer.

Most of the work in this course will be on your own computer, so make sure you set up VSCode, git and Firefox in Week 1.

Another option for the course tools is to use a virtual lab computer through a remote connection. This is called “ANU Virtual Information Commons”.


Note that labs 2-11 have assessed pre-lab and in-lab excercise. Make sure that you complete these tasks in order to get a mark.

Contacting your tutors

If you want to get in touch with your tutor, you can message them directly on the COMP1720 forum or on Microsoft Teams. The tutors in this course are really great and they will try really hard to help you out—although the usual advice about not leaving things to the last minute applies here. If you feel like you’ve got an issue you can’t talk to your tutor about for whatever reason, then contact us directly.

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