All COMP1720 lectures will be streamed online in Semester 2, 2021. We use Microsoft Teams as a central place to watch lectures and ask questions in real-time. Check out our online lectures and labs page to see how to watch them.

There are two weekly lecture slots for this course:

  • Monday 11am-1pm (online)
  • Thursday 12am-1pm (online)

Typically, for Monday lectures, Charles will talk about technical aspects of interactive computer systems and how such were achieved (We are mainly using P5.js in this course - though this course is not about learning Javascript, it’s about Art and Interaction Computing! :)). For Thursday lectures, Charles will introduce interactive computational art and how could use computing tools to achieve those creative works, we will also introduce some artist talks that are included as part of the course.

He might switch things up or swap in some other way, we can be flexible since we’re online. If you miss the lecture, don’t worry, they will be available online shortly after the lecture slots.

Watch lectures live

Lectures can be viewed live right in Microsoft Teams where you will also be able to chat in the General channel during lectures.

You can also watch the lectures in these places:

Only the chat on Microsoft Teams will be monitored during lectures!


Lecture Recordings are stored on Microsoft Stream (link), and Echo 360 (link) after each lecture. These platforms both support captions and speed control.

Lecture Slides

Week 0: intro

Week 1: coding art

Week 2: variables and chance

Week 3: conditionals, iteration and colours

Week 4: functions, arrays, and critique

Week 5: object and interaction

Week 6: code concepts and artist statements

Week 7: sound and music computing

Week 8: storyboards and interaction design

Week 9: recent developments and beyond

Week 10: data art

Week 11: simulations, dynamics, and artificial life

Week 12: creative machine learning and generative AI

PDF Slides

PDF files of lectures will be uploaded to CloudStor (link) after the lectures take place. If they haven’t shown up for a few days after the lecture, feel free to remind me on discourse.

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