At the end of semester your LENS performance will be assessed in terms of quality of the artefact itself and through a live performance. This is the culmination of your hard work in the LENS course, and it won’t be a dry, boring exam—it’ll be a live gig that you can invite your friends to.

We are looking for performances (and associated artefacts) that are sophisticated in terms of fundamental concepts in music computing, have a high design/compositional quality, and that allow a high level of expression and collaboration during performance.


There are two representations of your LENS performance: the ensemble performance at the final gig, and the performance materials you’ll submit through GitLab.

Ensemble performance

Your set during the gig at sideway on June 6 is the primary representation of your performance. As described in the marking criteria this includes all aspects of the performance, from the beginning of your set right through to the end.

The minimum ensemble size is two—your performance must include meaningful collaboration/interaction with at least one other LENS member. You must participate in at least one other LENS ensemble other than your own.

We’ll make a video & audio recording of the gig for archival purposes and also to put on the YouTube channel.

Performance materials

Just like you’ve done every week as part of your AVD submission, you must submit your performance materials through GitLab. This includes Pd patches, Extempore (& other) source code, asset files (e.g. samples), scores, instructions to ensemble members, etc. It must be in a final-performance-materials folder in your usual AVD.

You must include a README.md file explaining how to get everything up and running, with enough clarity & detail that one of your LENS classmates could (re)produce your performance. I’ve pushed up a template README.md file to the repo which is a good starting point.

You’ve all already forked that GitLab repo, so to get the updated final performance (you can either pull from the template repo again and merge the updates into your fork, or just create the final-performance-materials folder and copy in the README.md file manually).

Submission process

  • Sunday June 6 2pm: the gig @ sideway music bar

  • Sunday June 13 11:59pm: final artefact materials due through GitLab

Marking criteria

Your LENS artefact will be assessed based on the representations above. The marking criteria (based on the course learning outcomes) are:

  • sophistication and ambition of your artefact/performance with regards to the fundamental concepts in music computing covered in this course

  • technical quality of your artefact/performance (e.g. stability, level of polish, absence of bugs/jankiness)

  • demonstrated capacity for expression during live performance, i.e. level of creative control made available to the performers

  • demonstrated capacity for collaboration with other ensemble members

  • the staging and performance of your LENS artefact at the end-of-semester gig

  • presentation and communication of your LENS artefact through performance materials

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