Laptop Ensemble workshops (COMP3710/6470) in S2-2022 will be 10am–12pm Wednesday in Birch Teaching Room 1.08. These workshops are on-campus only.

The weekly workshop sessions are the main teaching activity for Laptop Ensemble. If you’re enrolled in the class you must attend (in person) every week.

Before you attend the workshop you must have read the corresponding lecture material (see below) and have submitted your weekly diary entry. Each week’s content includes:

  • a description of the “creative provocation” for that week’s diary entry
  • videos to watch
  • code to read
  • other reading material (papers, blog posts, etc.)


The timeline for each workshop is:

time activity
09:15 caffeine at Grounds Cafe, North Road
09:45 chance for pre-class questions
10:10 listen to that week’s AV diary submissions
10:30 crit discussion
10:50 small group jam activity
11:20 group performances
11:40 discussion, feedback, questions on notice

Time is precious and we don’t want to waste yours so we will stick to this timeline as much as possible.

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