SMC workshop times are available on ANU MyTimetable. These workshops are on-campus only. Please sign-up for a workshop as soon as possible.

Day Time Location Tutors
Mon 12-14 Birch 1.09 Madelyn Fardell, Rachel Schroder
Tue 12-14 Birch 1.33 Sandy Ma, Mingrui Gao
Thu 11-13 Ian Ross 107 Xinran Yuan, Madelyn Fardell

The weekly workshop sessions are the most important learning activity in SMC. If you’re enrolled in the class you must attend (in person) every week.

What to do#

Before you attend the workshop you must have read the corresponding lecture material (see below) and have submitted your weekly diary entry. Each week’s content includes:

  • a description of the “creative provocation” for that week’s diary entry
  • videos to watch
  • code to read
  • other reading material (papers, blog posts, etc.)

Engaging in the workshops fully is your guarantee of success in this course. Nobody in the class has experience in computer music (you wouldn’t need the course in that case) but most folks will either have experience in computing or music. The workshops are where you get to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and work with the folks who will become your laptop ensemble by the end of the semester. Further, if you do not participate in workshops, you will not be able to fully complete your portfolio assessment items. Plan to not miss a single one.

Workshop Timeline#

The timeline for each 2-hour workshop is:

time activity
00:00 show up, get settled, ask any pre-class questions
00:10 listen to that week’s AV diary submissions
00:30 crit discussion
00:50 small group jam activity
01:20 group performances
01:40 discussion, feedback, questions on notice

Time is precious and we don’t want to waste yours so we will stick to this timeline as much as possible.


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