No Diary: No computer music diary this week.

This first workshop is called “hello sine” because making pure sine wave is pretty much the “Hello, World!” of computer music.

Pre-Workshop Content#

There’s no pre-reading for week 1, since the class hasn’t really started yet. Make sure you attend the lecture, and sign up for a workshop before week 1.

Goals for this week#

The main purpose of the first workshop is to get software for the class up and running on everyone’s laptop so that you are ready to submit your first computer music diary in week 2. The second goal is to start making some ensemble music as a group with Pd!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. make a noise with Pd
  2. make a screen recording (with sound) with OBS (link)
  3. install Visual Studio Code
  4. install git
  5. fork and clone the workshop repository
  6. make sure you can access the course Team, make a post introducing yourself in the channel for your workshop.
  7. post about any issues you might have had installing software in the techsupport channel on the course Team.
  8. start making some ensemble music.

Your tutors will help you install the above software if you haven’t tried it already and make the OBS recording.

For the last 40 minutes of the workshop you will be placed into a group of 4 students to make a quick computer music improvisation!

Remember: you need to read and understand the computer music diary page. You will need to read the week 2 workshop content before the workshop, complete and upload your computer music diary before the workshop, then attend the workshop.


Here’s some resources to help in this workshop, if you feel like you “aren’t making enough interesting sounds” today, don’t worry too much as we will learn a lot more for the week 2 workshop. If you really want to make some more cool sounds, here are some links to help extend your knowledge:

If you get stuck, try asking for help in the #techsupport channel on Teams.

Creative Notes#

Just for inspiration, have a look at some of the most famous Laptop Orchestras (the cool kids call them LOrks) perform live.

If you find any more cool videos, drop them in the #inspo channel on Teams.

Live coding#

Network performance#



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