This page lists the text books for the course and other text to support your reading. As an advanced course you are expected to use reference material to learn independently and support the learning activities.

All of these resources are freely available on the web or available free (to you) through the ANU library website.

Text Books Used in the Course:#

These books will be used frequently in the lectures and workshops. You should get to know them.

Pd Books and Resources:#

These books help with the Pure Data computer music environment:

Gibber Resources:#

Gibber is a complicated system with a number of layers that you can experiment with. The high-level interface for normal computer music making is “gibber” which is an interactive web-based live coding system.

Below Gibber, there are some libraries that you can experiment with separately:

SuperCollider and Live Coding Books and Resources#

These books help with the SuperCollider computer music environment:

General Computer Music Books#

These are general reference and research texts on Computer Music, we won’t refer to these explicitly but they can give you further context and inspiration for your SMC journey.

Extempore Resources#

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