A data assimilation tool for atmospheric winds recovery from sea ice observations

Picture of quanling-deng.md Quanling Deng

11 Jul 2023

Welcome to our exciting project aimed at developing a data assimilation tool for recovering atmospheric winds from sea ice observations.

Accurate knowledge of atmospheric winds is vital for understanding weather patterns and climate dynamics. However, directly measuring winds in certain regions, such as over vast expanses of sea ice, can be challenging. In this project, we seek to overcome this obstacle by harnessing the power of data assimilation techniques.

Data assimilation combines observations with numerical models to estimate the true state of a system. Our project focuses specifically on leveraging sea ice observations as indirect indicators of atmospheric winds to recover wind information.

Through the integration of advanced statistical methods and machine learning algorithms, we will develop a cutting-edge data assimilation tool. By exploiting the relationship between sea ice dynamics and atmospheric winds, our tool will provide accurate wind estimations using available sea ice measurements. Our ultimate goal is to enhance wind recovery accuracy, particularly in regions with limited direct measurements. By participating this project, you will contribute to advancing our understanding of atmospheric dynamics, improving weather forecasting capabilities, and furthering our knowledge of climate processes.

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