Programming for Scientists S1 2024

This website is for the Semester 1, 2024 version of COMP1730/6730.
If you are looking for the Semester 2, 2023 or earlier versions, please refer to the Archive tab.


Please send all correspondence and questions about COMP1730 and COMP6730 to this email address. Please do not contact convenors directly.


Welcome to Programming for Scientists S1, 2024! This course teaches introductory programming, computer science concepts, and computational problem solving illustrated with applications common in science, maths, and engineering. The course does not require any prior knowledge of programming, computer science or IT. There is an emphasis on designing and writing clean and correct programs: testing and debugging are seen as integral to the programming enterprise.

We will use Python (version 3), a simple yet extraordinarily powerful programming language. Python is a great first computer programming language to learn. Python is widely used, so being able to code in Python is a very broadly applicable skill.

See the course page on ANU Programs & Courses for more information, such as, e.g., Learning outcomes.

Week 1 checklist#

Week 1 is important in this course. Please make sure to complete the following by the end of week 1:

  • Attend both lectures.
  • Read this website, especially the policies on deadlines, academic integrity, use of email and conduct.
  • Install the software used in this course to work from your personal computer. If having troubles, go to a Python installation session along week 1; click here to see the schedule.
  • Sign up to a lab using MyTimetable.
  • Login to STREAMS if you have never done this before, and then logout. It will trigger the creation of an account on the CSIT labs.
  • Fill out the demographic survey on Wattle. It’s for us to know more about your background and prior programming skills.

In-Person Study#

From semester 1, 2024, this course will be taught in-person. Lectures will be delivered on campus; they are recorded and will be available at the Course Wattle some time after each lecture has finished. Labs are also held on campus, both in the computer labs (CSIT/Hanna Neumann buildings) and as Bring-Your-Own-Device labs (Marie Reay building). A small number of labs may be offered remotely for students with special circumstances, or if you are ill and should stay home. These labs will be conducted via Teams.

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