From Super Mario Bros to a passion in computer science

Childhood interest in video games sparked passion for computer science. Devansu Yadav shared his journey as a first-year Master of Computing student at ANU.


Devansu Yadav
Devansu Yadav

As a Master of Computing student at ANU from Mumbai, India, Devansu Yadav said his first year at ANU was full of new experiences, challenges, and long-lasting memories as he adapted to a new education system and environment.

“Canberra offers a calm and less chaotic environment that has allowed me to fully immerse myself in my studies and make the most of the enriching academic environment at ANU,” Devansu said.

Canberra offers a calm and less chaotic environment that has allowed me to fully immerse myself in my studies and make the most of the enriching academic environment at ANU.

“The city is quite vibrant, especially during festive times, offering the opportunity to explore and appreciate different cultures.”

Devansu found his true calling in Computer Science from his interest in playing video games. It inspired him to choose ANU to dive deeper into Software Engineering and building robust computer systems. “If you’re truly passionate about computing and programming and want to dive into any area of Computer Science — be it Software Engineering, Parallel Computing, HCI, Machine Learning, or AI, while gaining the right skills through hands-on projects, research, or internships,” he said. “I believe you have made the right choice by choosing to study Computer Science at ANU.”

Journey to study Computer Science at ANU

Ever since Devansu was a kid, he has been captivated by computers. “I spent countless hours playing some of the most classic games like Pinball, Super Mario Bros, and Road Rash on my old Windows XP machine,” he said. “I was quite curious about how computers worked, and that’s when I started exploring them during my free time.”

His interest peaked as he dabbled into programming during school, later choosing Computer Science electives in high school. “My fascination turned into amazement the first time I wrote and executed a simple program on an 8085 microprocessor during one of my first Computer Science lab practical in high school.” Devansu said. “After spending that entire year in the lab programming, I realised the tremendous potential of programming and Computer Science to solve real-world problems and engineer remarkable things.” His passion for Computer Science has led him to pursue further study after his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering.

Devansu worked as CECC ambassador on ANU Open Day.

“I did my research about all the postgraduate courses that ANU offered which matched with my interests and career goals,” he said. “ANU offers opportunities for me to pursue both practical and academic research experiences with state-of-the-art facilities.”

Home away from home

Devansu visited Canberra Enlighten Festival

The diverse background of residents at Burgmann College has enriched Devansu’s on-campus experience. He has enjoyed the lively atmosphere with fun activities and festivities, has made meaningful friendships as well as fulling his own intellectual growth. He has also found the health and well-being services extra helpful during stressful times of the semester.

He is also finding student clubs, such as the ANU Computer Science Students Association, and playing sport (ANU Badminton Club anyone?) helps give him the support from his peers that he needs to keep focused on his studies. Apart from on-campus clubs, Devansu contributes his time to be one of Gold Student Ambassadors across Australia at Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors community. “I help students explore their passion for technology while making positive impact by building and leading their own student tech communities.”

Build positive impact through technology and open to new experiences

Pursuing the Master of Computing at ANU has been a rewarding learning experience for Devansu. “I find inspiration that I could build technology that would positively impact and empower people, which has kept me driven and curious to pursue new learnings every day.”

He has really enjoyed the focus of ANU Computing on programming courses. “The assignments and individual/group projects not only equip me with the latest industry practices but also give me the practical exposure which I would need to succeed in the industry,” he said. “I also liked some courses have guest lectures that specifically focus on connecting what I have learned in the course with what’s being used in the industry.”

One piece of advice Devansu likes to share with prospective students is “Make the most of your time as a student at ANU. Be open to gaining new experiences by exploring all the opportunities offered to students at ANU and making meaningful connections by actively joining student clubs or meetups alongside academics.”

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