Helpful contact info #

Course convenor #

Pascal Bercher,

You can always contact me via email or via forum (the forum is on Wattle), but if you prefer providing anonymous feedback, you can do so via the course representatives (and of course via SELT once the course is over).

Course reps #

Your course representatives will be published on Wattle.

You can get in touch with them at any time with feedback about the course, and you’ll be anonymous (I won’t know who gave the feedback).

CECS Student Services #

(02) 6125 4450

CECS Student Experience team #

ANU Students’ Association #

(02) 6125 2444

ANU Computer Science Students’ Association #

Feedback #

You can send course feedback via

General information & support services #

If you’ve been studying at the ANU for a while you probably already know about these websites, but here’s a list of various tools/repositories of information to help you in your studies at the ANU.

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