Where and When #

What? When? Where?
Tutorial Thursday, 11 am – 1 pm CSIT, N111
Tutorial Friday, 12 pm – 2 pm CSIT, N111

Tutorials run hybrid, so you can also enrol when you are not in Canberra. However, personal attendance is strongly encouraged.

New! Tutorials will start in week 1, so that you can benefit from 12 tutorials instead of just 11. Each tutorial will cover the material of the current week. (This way, you will also have a tutorial covering week 12, which would not be possible in case we had only 11 tutorials each covering the last week’s content. In week 12, some time might also be spent on a general recap instead of just covering week 12).

Tutorial enrolement is done via MyTimeTable.

Drop-In Session #

At the moment, no drop-in sessions are planned, as the tutorials and forum should provide enough possibilities for asking questions. If a drop-in will be offered, this will be announced via Wattle.

Week by Week #

There will be weekly exercises, to be solved and discussed in the tutorials. The exercise sheets as well as their sample solutions will be published on Wattle.

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